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Klüber Wolfrasyn Ulaf

Klüber Wolfrasyn Ulaf


Klüber Wolfrasyn Ulaf Is a graphite-containing high-temperature paste for thin-film lubrication

Graphite containing high-temperature paste WOLFRASYN ULAF,Prod. 003001,en Edition 16.12.2016 [replaces edition 15.07.2016]


Benefits for your application


  • For the thin-film lubrication of low-speed rolling and plain bearings
  • For lubricant applications up to 400 °C
  • Also suitable for low temperatures
  • High load-carrying capacity




WOLFRASYN ULAF is a graphite-containing high-temperature paste for thin-film lubrication of rolling and plain bearings. It has a chemical composition of polyalkylene glycol oil and an inorganic solid lubricant (graphite). The synthetic base oil evaporates at temperatures above 200 °C. The solid lubricant residue is effective up to 400 °C as a dry lubricant.




WOLFRASYN ULAF has proven effective as a lubricant for kiln cart bearings in the ceramic industry and for feeder bearings subject to high temperatures in the glass industry. Other possible applications: as a bearing lubricant for roller tables in steel plants, for conveyor and transport chains in hightemperature applications and as a lubricant for plain bearings operating at high temperatures.


Application notes



Always apply WOLFRASYN ULAF in a thin layer! Clean the friction point with a sol-vent and remove any corrosion agent in the bearing before applying WOLFRASYN ULAF. Then use a brush of medium hardness to apply an even layer of WOLFRASYN ULAF to the entire raceway of the bearing. We recommend rotating the bearing components several times while applying the lubricant in order to ensure an even distribution over the raceway. If, during the rotation, a grease collar appears, remove it with the brush. Approximate values for greasing:

Polished metal bearings should be filled to a maximum of 15 % of the free bearing space. The filling quantity can be roughly calculated with the following equation:

d x B x 0.005 = g.
– d = diameter of the bearing bore in mm
– B = width of bearing in mm
– g = quantity of lubricant in g

In the case of phosphated bearings check if they are already lubricated. If this is the case, we recommend removing the lubricant before applying WOLFRASYN ULAF. The filling quantity is 10 % of the free bearing space. At temperatures above 200 °C lubrication is effected by a dry lubricant film which is gradually used up. It should therefore be checked after approx. 12 months.

Relubrication with WOLFRASYN ULAF should generally take place after 24 months. The same is valid for dragging or squeeking bearings. Before relubrication blow the bearing carefully with dry air to avoid that any humidity precipitates. Shiny traces on the raceway indicate that the lubricant layer has been used up. In this case we generally recommend relubrication with WOLFRASYN ULAF. Bearings which were relubricated twice or which show wear marks or corrosion spots should be replaced.


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