Meguin Trennoel WT01 S




Biodegradable universal release agent with excellent anti-adhesion properties

Use as an asphalt release agent


Meguin Trennoel WT01 S should usually be applied using an atomizer by spraying thinly but covering the whole surface which must be dry and clean. Alternatively a rubber policeman, brush or cloth can be used. Surpluses should be removed using a rubber squeegee or a cloth. Meguin Trennoel WT01 S is ready for use and must not be thinned with water.

Use as a cleaning agent


Meguin Trennoel WT01 S is also suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of construction machines and devices, especially due to its environmentally-friendly properties. To keep construction machines and devices clean, Meguin Trennoel WT01 S should be sprayed or applied to the equipment daily before it is used. This prevents asphalt and mortar deposits for the most part and facilitates their removal.

Use as a release agent

Suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent formwork made of wood, steel and plastic. The surfaces must be clean and dry to prevent the surfaces of the material from being soiled. Meguin Trennoel WT01 S does not reduce the absorbency of form-removed concrete surfaces so that subsequent coatings such as plaster can be applied after the usual surface preparation. In doing so, the specifications of the coating material manufacturer must be observed.

Consumption values for the following formworks:

Steel and plastic formworks approx. 20 ml/m²
Coated wooden lagging approx. 25 ml/m²
Untreated wooden lagging approx. 40 ml/m²


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