Meguin Schaloel water-soluble




Emulsifiable release oil with its main application in building construction, civil and underground engineering and in the concrete articles industry. It is primarily designed for use with wooden formwork. It is generally only used with metal formwork if the parts are not removed from the formwork straight away but are left to set in the mould in a steam bath. A mixing ratio of 1 part oil to 10 parts water is commended as the concentration for use with new formwork boards or others that have been little used. A mixing ratio of 1 part oil to 20 parts water is sufficient for formwork boards that have been used frequently and have been saturated several times with oil. The emulsion is repared by stirring the oil in the mixing water. It is applied by spreading or spraying, if possible shortly before the concreting takes place. The use of water-soluble forming oil allows the formwork to be removed easily and cleanly, good setting and smooth surfaces and requires very low consumption.


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