Elaskon Silikonspray


Elaskon Silikonspray Is for lubrication, care and maintenance of rubber, plastic and metal surfaces.




For the lubrication, care and maintenance of rubber, plastic and metal surfaces. The colorless, tasteless and odor-neutral product, which is colorless after flashing off the solvent and propellant gases, is physiologically indifferent, water-resistant, resistant to radiation, weather-resistant and can be used from -50 to + 250 ° C. In contrast to many non-silicone products, the product has been used in extreme conditions, For example against seawater, water vapor, sulfur dioxide, dilute acids and alkalis. High breakdown resistance and a low loss factor which is independent of the humidity are characteristic of the product. Lubricants in vehicle, engine and car body construction, hydrophobing agents in the electrical and cable industry, single aid in the installation trade, care and preservatives in the glass and ceramics industries, detergents in shipbuilding and aircraft construction, release agents in the plastics industry, protective devices in mechanical engineering, equipment in medicine , Pharmacy and cosmetics are only a few examples of the versatile use.




Optimum use and storage temperature of the aerosol can 15-25 ° C. Shake vigorously before use. Spray evenly on the surfaces to be treated from approx. 20-30 cm away, paying attention to complete wetting. Ventilation time approx. 30 s at room temperature. Do not breathe spray.


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