Elaskon III Star LM


Elaskon III Star LM Forms a green lubricating film with good adherence properties corresponding.

Elaskon III Star LM is used for maintenance lubrication of driving-sheave ropes in mining, for use on ship and off-shore ropes. Elaskon II Star is best suited for Koepe-Hoisting. According to DIN 21258.




Elaskon III Star LM forms a gripproof, green-transparent layer that represents the solid base lubricant Elaskon II Star and which has a very good adhesion. The product penetrates into the rope. Elaskon III Star LM protects the rope against corrosion and wear. The high friction coefficient of the ready layer prevents slipping of the rope on driving-sheaves.




Elaskon III Star LM is supplied in liquid form and applicable by spraying, brushing, rolling or that like. In closed pits only brushes and wipers must be used. After checking from the authorities also spraying with thin beam exluding aerosoles may be applied. The product is based on the wire rope lubricant Elaskon II Star and contains a solvent. The layer is ready after evaporation of the solvent, depending on climate conditions after 2-8 hours. The optimal application temperature is 20°C. The rope should be cleaned before using Elaskon III Star LM.


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